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Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 weeks old.....

Baby Max,

Yesterday you were three weeks old. Three weeks - I cannot believe it. Time seems to fly by so quickly in my sleep deprived world. You are doing well and growing...getting big actually. Almost 4 kilos at your last weigh in. You seem to be crying A LOT and of course Mommy cries along with you. All this crying - we are both exhausted. It seems as if you have a bit of colic (esp at night of course!). We went to the pediatrician just to make sure that you are okay and thankfully all is well. We were able to get some medication which seems to be helping.

You just had Grandma and Grandpa leave yesterday. They enjoyed spending time with you. We have two days before your Auntie Lee Ann comes with her family. I hope that you like your cousin Andrew. And I hope that Andrew is nice to you - and to your fur brother and sister!!!

I think if we were to do this all over though I would wait to have visitors. Mommy just wants some time with you alone to get to know you better. I am so tired and it's hard to have people around. Your Daddy has been a big help and as I say in almost every post - I don't know what I would do without him. His eyes just light up when he is around you. He sings to you and you go quiet. Maybe it's because you think he is crazy with his funny made up songs....

This past week we took our first walk alone to the pharmacy. Then this past Thursday we took our first walk with Callie. It takes so much time for us to get ready and out of the house. The hours just seem to fly by. I must admit, sometimes you have gone to sleep for the night in the same clothes that you wore during the day BUT that doesn't mean that Mommy loves you any less.... ;)

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