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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sooooo LAZY

How can it be so difficult to post on a blog at least once a week??  Apparently very, very difficult because I cannot just bring myself to do it.  BUT I do have some exciting news to share that might help me be more religous in posting on this blog.  I am pregnant!  I have passed my first trimester and have told most of my friends.  In order to keep them updated on this event - I must post!  

I am excited for the arrival of our baby.  I am nervous and scared shitless as well.  I never really pictured myself as a mother - I have always been a bit too selfish with my me time.  But honestly - it makes me so happy just to think that L and I are going to have an addition to our family.  I  can think of no greater gift than having my husband's baby.  The way his face lit up when I told him after I took the test was priceless.  It was even better to watch him looking at the baby when we went for the most recent sonogram.

I feel fine, except that I am tired, TIRED, TIRED....ALL OF THE TIME.  It's exhausting carrying around a little one.  I have been lucky and have no morning sickness. 

Here is a picture of the little one. At the next appt. we should be able to tell the sex of the child. I think that it is a boy....

Monday, January 5, 2009


I cannot believe that another year has gone by.  The go so quickly.....

Our New Year celebration was very relaxed this year.  We had a quiet dinner at home with the "kids".  No hoopla for us.  I much prefer it that way anyway.  New Year's Eve is overrated. 
No real NY resolutions for me - I end up breaking them by the beginning of Feb. anyway.  I have decided to do a couple of things differently though:  I want to use my weights at least 10 min p/day - at least 5 days a week, floss my teeth daily, blog more, and be a bit more social in Lausanne.  
Wait a minute - are those New Year resolutions??  I am going to look at it more as lifestyle changes.  ;)