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Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and the City

Did I tell you?? I saw this movie (with 12 other girls (okay, I guess we should be calling ourselves women) this past Wed. The movie theatre in downtown Geneva was packed. Every seat was sold out. I have never seen so many English speaking women in one place. It was a fun movie. It definitely won't be nominated for any type of Academy Award but it was fun, it was lively, and everyone in the audience was riled up. There was screaming, laughing, booing, and cheering. One of the most interactive movies that I have ever been to. I must say though, it made me really (REALLY) miss the States and my girls. I had to come home and have a drink - a cheers if you will, to my friends back 'home'. I miss you dearly.

The month of May.........

passed by so quickly. L had the whole month off and we had a fantastic time traveling. The trip to South Africa was incredible, we spent 9 days on Safari -what fun! The Safari was amazing and we saw all of the big 5 several times. We had so fun experiences such as seeing 400 water buffalo come to a water hole and a bit of a scary experience with being almost completely surrounded by a herd of 80 elephants! I think out of all the animals, the elephants made me the most nervous. You are constantly on the go - even though you are sitting on your a** for 70% of the time and eating oh, about 30% of the time. We met a lot of great people and were exposed to a lot of not so great people as well. All in all it was once of the best trips I have ever taken and would love to go again.

Then we were back at home for 2 1/2 days before we were off to Italy for a week. We flew into Naples and stayed the night. Now the good thing about Naples is that there are not that many tourists. It has a great city feel to it, loud, busy, cars honking, good food. BUT one night there was enough. They do still have the garbage problem but not as bad as I thought that it would be. I wanted to take a picture of it but I was afraid that I would get mugged and someone would run off with my camera! ;)

After our night in Naples we took the ferry to Capri. What a beautiful place. Although I must say, isn't everyone in the States bitching about the dollar and how low it is compared to the Euro? You would of thought that all of the Americans would stay home and travel in the U.S. NOPE - they were ALL in Capri. Now I am American and I love my country but when you see a group of 20 tourists all dressed in shorts and flowered shirts talking VERY loudly - you cringe. All you heard in the restaurants were - I want this, I want that, I don't want this, can't i get butter with my bread, don't add salt...what kind of dressings can I choose from, blah, blah, blah. Then after a large dinner they order a decaf cappuccino. NO ONE in Italy drinks cappuccinos after 11am and do you really think Italians have decaf coffee??? One of the great things about Europe is that you get what you get. If you order a sandwich - you get a sandwich. You don't have 50 million choices of what kind of bread, cheese, etc that you want. You just get a sandwich. Plain and simple.

Okay enough of that. Soooooo we spent two nights in Capri at a really great hotel. Then we took the ferry to Positano and spent three nights there. Positano was really nice but I envisioned it to be much prettier. It seemed a bit worn down to me. The views from the top though are amazing and cannot be beat. L and I rented a scooter and we took a ride to Ravello which was really beautiful. We also visited Almafi which I didn't care for at all. WAY too touristy.

After we arrived home from Italy we had two days to rest and then we were off to Chartres, France to get our puppy. I have to say that I love Chartres. It is a really cute small town about an hour outside of Paris. Def. worth the visit if you are ever in the area................

Will post about the puppy on a separate post. Your eyes have got to be blurry from reading my ramblings.