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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tulip festival in Morges


What a fantastic trip! I am so embarassed though that I did not take even ONE photo. Terrible, isn't it?? Oh well - next time, right? It was great to be in NY. There is always so much to see and do - and the noise! Wow, do I miss noise. The first day I though - oh my there is a lot of noise, by the second day I was in love all over again. The joy of any type of food you can imagine, ordering in breakfast on a Sunday morning when it is raining too hard to go out, $25 mani/pedis - and the shopping!
I stayed on the upper west side with a friend and we had a blast. I did a bit too much walking though and I was sooo tired. It took me awhile to recouperate after I got home.

Upon arriving back in Geneva I go 'pulled over' by customs. I told them that I didn't have anything to declare but they started going through my stuff anyway. I left a receipt for a pair of sunglasses in the box (so obviously they were new) and then the games began. The man started pulling everything out of my carry on shouting - this is new, this is new, this is new.....even though half of the things weren't new. I started yelling back at him that it wasn't new. We were arguing back and forth then he brough his supervisor out and I said to her - listen, these things aren't new - I am sorry that I have nice things and I am sorry that I take care of my things but you being a woman must understand this. Needless to say she helped me out a bit. She did say though that she wanted proof that my camera was more than 6 months old. I said - you're kidding right?? You want me to carry around receipts for items that I use and travel with just to appease you all??? I don't think so. So she took the serial number down of the camera. Whatever.

The man charged me a fine for not declaring the sunglasses and a pair of jeans. Total was 128 CHF. It could of been a lot more, and I must say that I got off lucky. The the man was like do you have any cigs or alcohol. I wanted to say - can't you see you f'ing idiot that I am pregnant???! For God's sake, I just got off of an 8 hour flight - I am tired and hungry and just want to go home. After being there for about 30 -40 minutes arguing, being fined, etc I was able to go on my merry way. Welcome back to Switzerland.

Dam* Swiss.