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Thursday, August 20, 2009


A little one but exciting none the less. Max, You and I took a walk to the pharmacy today - by ourselves as Daddy had an appt. You seem to hate your stroller and I couldn't get you to lie in it without crying. After spending over an hour trying to get you settled and sleeping I took out the sling. At first you cried but in about 5 minutes you fell asleep. In fact, our trip was over an hour ago and you are still in the sling fast asleep. I am sitting here looking at your cute little face while typing.

Yesterday we took a walk around the park - and you didn't scream once.
Last night you slept from 12 30-4am and then 5am until about 8am. A true milestone. Mommy was finally able to get a bit of sleep. Usually you have been sleeping for about an hour at a time and then you wake up and scream. Actually - you seem to cry a lot. I think that it might be gas. Your poor Daddy looks like his heart is breaking when you cry.
Let's see how it goes tonight....

Love you little guy.

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