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Monday, July 2, 2007

Bush in Rome

Lars and I went to Rome for a weekend in June - the same weekend that George Bush was there. We found this out the hard way. While the taxi was driving us to the hotel we saw many military vehicles and dozens of police at each exit with guns. I thought that perhaps that we got off of the plane in the Middle East instead of Italy. The taxi gets about three blocks from our hotel and the driver says in broken English. Get out - walk to your hotel - all roads are closed. Turns out that our hotel (The Rose Garden, very nice by the way) is right across from the US embassy. So, we walked the rest of our way to the hotel. We were upgraded to a superior suite and all was well. The girl at the hotel kept saying what a tragedy it was that Bush was in Rome. I hoped that she wouldn't dwell on the fact to much that I had a U.S. passport. Everywhere we went we heard the helicopters. In the Vatician we had to leave early b/c Bush was coming in. No explaination from the guards, all they would do is say Bush...Bush...You must leave.....Bush, Bush.......while clicking their tongues and shaking their heads. They were none too pleased that our fearless leader was in their country.

I was excited that I finally got to see Rome and all of it's history (well, almost all of it. We walked so much I thought that my feet were going to fall off). I even saw George Bush. He was driven surrounded by a heavily guarded motorcade but he was in the back seat waving to all of us standing in the street watching him drive by. Who would of thought that I would of seen the President of the United States while in Italy. Now that is two for the price of one!