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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two months old

Max you turned two months old yesterday. So much has happened since my last post.

On Sept 1st your Grandpa (my father) passed away. It was only three days after they had returned back to the States to visit us. It gives me great comfort knowing that he got to meet you. He fell in love with you the minute he saw you and I know that he would of been a good Grandfather to you. I am sad that you will miss out on that. My father passing away happened the very day that your Auntie Lee Ann and her family came to visit. The only stayed two days because they had to get back for the funeral but you had great fun playing with your cousin Andrew.
I was beside myself because I could not go to the funeral. It was heartbreaking not to be able to go home and help take care of mother. You were only three weeks old and there was no way that you could travel plus you didn't have your passports as of yet. I am okay with that though. You are the most important thing to me and your safety and health come first.

Around 1 month old (almost to the day) you started smiling. You smile more and more every day and it is so heart warming to see. It brought tears to my eyes the first time. It made me so happy because you were always screaming so much I was worried that you were in pain all of the time. To see you smile was such a relief. You were experiencing happiness - what a joy!
You also are making cooing noises. Lately you started reaching for your feet. You haven't exactly found them yet but I think that it is going to happen soon.
Your Daddy and I are still struggling with your bouts of crying. It's so frustrating because it seems like you are in pain from the colic. Plus you also have an umbilical hernia which might be causing some pain as well. The pediatrician said that usually that goes away by the time you are one and will heal naturally. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that is the case.
We still don't have a schedule for you. I am a bit scattered when it comes to a routine but we are working on it!! You are feeding every three hours (sometimes a bit early b/c you are a hungry boy and growing every day).

You had your two months shots on Monday and did great! So brave - and you barely cried. This week you seem to be doing so much better (not so much crying/screaming) and I just hope it continues to get better.You look like such a little man. All grown up and you are only two months. I cannot believe how quickly time goes by. I love you so much.

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