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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The newness of it all......

So, this week I am socializing.  My parents who were here for a week are now gone and then I have a friend coming in on Friday.  This gives me 4 days to socialize with 'new' people (as I call them) and hopefully make some friends in my new city.  I had cafe today with a girl who was really nice (although I think a tad younger than I).  The plus is that she lives in the near vicinity of me which is rare.  I didn't think that anyone lived in my neighborhood.  It is soooo quiet.  I hate all of this - Hi, my name is....will you go to coffee with me and be my friend shit BUT it is necessary.  We all need human contact to survive (unfortunately!).  The sad part about it is in my previous life in the States I was very social.  In this life - not so much.

Wed - it's the same thing and Thursday it is a coffee with the free spirits group from the women's club.  Might do some obedience training with Callie on Wed and Thursday after the coffee I have having some friends from Geneva over for lunch.  

All in all it is a good week.  I don't feel like going back to bed and pulling the sheets over my head.  Quite a bit of improvement from the weeks before!


Salty Miss Jill said...

Glad to hear about the improvement!
I owe you an email...

Toma said...

Hahaha this is so true!!! I am new in Lausanne and I am "forced" to have meetings with new people in order to have a social life again. And sometimes you just don't want to be nice and smile all the time but you don't have other chance.

And a question: why are not people on the streets?

Toma said...

And another question: why are so quiet? Even the dogs are quiet here...

Mrs V. said...

Toma - EVERYTHING is quiet in Switzerland. It takes awhile to get used to it. Then you go to a proper city like London and freak out b/c everyone/thing is so loud, and people actually cross the street without waiting for the light to turn green.

God forbid if you should loud out loudly in a public place. People look at you like you have three heads.

The most people that I ever saw in one place was when I lived in Geneva and went to the Sex in the City movie the first night it was out. I had no idea there were even that many people in the city - let alone women all around my age. It was mind boggeling. Where are they? I think that they all hide. Also one the weekends in the winter everyone is skiing - go to the mountains! In the summer they are all by the lake or travel somewhere to the ocean.

It is the most bizarre thing that I have ever experienced. Good luck on getting along. I am sure that you will be fine! Sooner or later you start to get used to the way things are here.

Toma said...

It is strange, indeed.

By the way, if you want to go out sometimes, there is a new club opened. It's named PUNK. Don't be confused about the name because there are no punkers inside:) Usually there are people over 30, the music is not loud and the place looks really ok. Very different of all I saw in Laussane. It is more like a lounge..it's placed in Flon area.

Also I discovered a place where you can have pottery lessons. If I'm not doying anything, at least to discover my creative part:) So, if you are interested I can give you the details.


Mrs V. said...

Corina - would love to try the pottery class. Email me the details: alicantina709@hotmail.com
There seems to be a place near me as well (I am wondering if it is the same place that you found???).