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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today is Thanksgiving.....

in the States.  At times I miss being at home for these sorts of holidays.  Other times - it doesn't bother me at all.  It makes me laugh when my Grandmother cannot understand why other parts of the world don't celebrate Thanksgiving.  What do you mean - she says- that there is no Thanksgiving in Switzerland.  Such a strange country that you live in.  

You would be surprised (or maybe not!) how many people (i.e. Americans back at home) ask me whether or not there are Thanksgiving celebrations here.  The truly delusional as me if we have Thanksgiving sales.  HA, HA, HA

Anyway - I might be tempted to cook a turkey if 1. it didn't cost a bloody fortune for a turkey and 2. if we had a family.  When it is just the hubby and me, I cannot justify cooking a turkey. Friends of mine suggested I do Thanksgiving at my house and they could all come over and try a Thanksgiving dinner.  Yeah, right.  

Soooo I am going to continue with our Thanksgiving tradition of having sushi for dinner.  Hubby is making dinner reservations.  It's so nice to have a European husband that doesn't want a turkey for dinner!  :)


Ms Mac said...

Aww, I feel a little bit bad for you because I had a thanksgiving dinner with a friend in France and I'm not even an American.

You can get a turkey by ordering one from a butcher. We did that one year that we stayed for Christmas. It costs a pretty penny (of course) but the butcher is usually happy to oblige and order it in for you.

I tell you what though, I'd have sushi over turkey any day opf the week! :-)

Salty Miss Jill said...

I'd prefer sushi over turkey as well...but instead I have a Turkish husband who wanted turkey. We had four American freinds over to help out with devouring the bird, and there's still some left.