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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh...the gym

So I made the trek to the gym yesterday.  After months of not going it was my brilliant idea to take a Body Pump class.  I can barely move today - no exaggeration.  I said to the hubby - I think I did something to myself.  (Honestly, I feel like I pulled every muscle in my body).  He says - yep, it's called exercise!  God I love that man.

Anyway - the Holmes gym in Lausanne is soooo different than the one in Geneva.  In Lausanne everyone looks......normal.  No kidding.  There are no boobs hanging out in class, no full faces of make-up, no skirts.  Yeah, that's right skirts.  A few of the women in Geneva would wear these black skirts over leggings to class.  I really don't get Europeans at the gym sometimes.  I even saw one girl walk out of the gym in Lausanne with wet hair (gasp!).  That would NEVER happen in Geneva.   In Geneva I think that the women would work out with their furs on if they could.

While the gym in Lausanne is not nearly as nice as the one in Geneva it is much more laid back  - and I like that.  Now I just have to make myself go again.  

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