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Friday, February 22, 2008

Killer Cat

I came home last Tuesday after a long day of skiing (I know, it's a tough life) and this is what I found in our foyer:

It appears as if somehow a dirty, nasty, pigeon fell down the Chimney shoot and ended up in our fireplace much to the delight of Jojje. I walk into the house and immediately spotted the dead bird. I walked into the different rooms of the house and I could clearly tell that there was a massacre.
There was a trail of blood all over the house. It was everywhere.....Disgusting! It took Lars and I a long time to clean up all of the blood and the millions of feathers.

The cat was in his glory. I think that he thought it was Christmas time. It's the most fun he has had in years. I am just glad that I wasn't home to witness the slaughter. Every now and then I catch him looking longingly into the fireplace waiting for his next victim to arrive.

We thought that we had gotten all of the feathers but it seems as if Jojje has a secret stash hidden somewhere. I found him playing with one yesterday - so busted!

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