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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yep, that's right...I am bored. I skipped the 2nd half of my french class today and got my eyebrows waxed. I almost got through the whole 'procedure' in french until at the very end the lady starts talking some sort of gibberish (french) and I had no f'ing clue what she was saying. I was totally busted..she said to me - you didn't understand a word that I said, did you? And of course I replied - Nope! Oh well. I try (a little). I don't do my homework and I don't practise, and I wonder why I still SUCK at french. As I said before, I think that it is a mental block.

I do have a reason to continue to study though - we rented an apartment in Cassis (South of France)for the month of Sept. I will get lots of practice that way! ;)

Let's see, what else......well - Lars and I took a drive to explore Lausanne last weekend. It is def. less pretentious than Geneva. I am freaking out a bit because I am finally settled here and to move again is going to be difficult. Yes, I know that it is only a 45 minute drive away from Geneva but it seems like a million miles. To be honest, I really don't like Geneva that much - it is a bit boring - so maybe Lausanne will end up being better for us.

Last Friday I went on a hike with the women's club and we saw some great animals. Here are some pictures:

Aren't they the best? I love going for walks in the country here in Switzerland. People have horses grazing in their front yard. I have never seen so many cows, sheep, donkeys, etc in my life. This excitment is a true sign that I am getting old!

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