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Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been antsy lately, bored, inquieta (as they say in spanish)......Don't ask me what the word is in French - no clue. Actually, I think that I have learned it at some point in time but these damn French words just go in and out of my head. I have no retention when it comes to the French language. Maybe it is a subconscious advertion (that is really not at all that subconscious)to learning the language.

I feel like this (by the way, this is jojje....our cat. i think that this is his first appearance on this blog. congrats to jojje!):

Anyway, I am not really sure why I am bored. I am busy pretty much every day of the week. Could it be that it's because I am finally gettiung settled and I don't have some crazy story to share about my day or maybe it's because we haven't travelled anywhere since we have been back from our Christmas/New Year's vacation. It's crazy how hard the travel bug can bite you. We have been staying in Switzerland every weekend to go skiing in France and I love it but I am starting to miss the adventures of a trip. I do have a weekend trip to Sweden next weekend to visit the in-laws and then a trip back to Boston in late feb/early March. So that should calm me down. L is also trying to arrange a safari for us sometime in April (yeah!) which I have been dying to do. Speaking of Africa - here are a couple of pictures from our trip to Zanzibar this past October. I am missing the ocean so it should cheer me up to share a couple of these pics.

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