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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tales from this week

Hubby is away in France for a work conference and I have a bit of free time before I go to bed.
This week I.............

- Went skiing 3 times. I am now an official wanna be snow bunny. Now to complete the picture all I need is a new and improved body, and a fancy new ski outfit complete with a fur trimmed (okay faux fur) hood. I have been trying really hard to get this ski thing down but I am still in need of serious help.

- Laughed with other semi-retired girls. That is what we feel like....semi retired. Semi retired sounds so much better than unemployed...trailing spouse...wouldn't you say?? On Thursday 3 of us went skiing and at lunch sat around and giggled about our life, how badly we felt that we were out skiing while the boys were working (yeah, right!), and how much laundry we have to do now that we are not working, not wearing suits, and not sending everything to the dry cleaners.

- Went to dinner with friends. Twice. Since I have become a homebody this is a new record for me.

- Washed my car at a self-service car wash. Might not sound like a lot to you but you try doing it in a foreign country and see how you feel! ;)

- Bought a food processor and made my own hummus and almond butter. I hate the hummus here and I cannot find almond butter anywhere. Soooooo I decided to be domestic (for once) and make them myself. The hummus turned out fantastic. The almond butter....not so fantastic. I roasted the almonds for too long before I processed them. Now what I have tastes like burnt almond butter. I will try it again this week.

- Got everything in order for my detox that is going to start tomorrow. No caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, meat, and crappy food. Sounds crazy but I did a detox program last year before my wedding and I felt great. This year will be more challenging as I live in a land filled with wine and cheese.
BUT I need to be a bit healthier and feel better so detox here I come. I will keep you updated with the results.

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Inga Dogmer said...

I am glad to hear you like Geneva - beautiful city, isn't it? Good luck with the skiing and say hello to Lars from me. /Maggie