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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bon Ski!

Since we have been back I have been concentrating on two things. Trying to speak French and trying to ski. Believe it or not, the skiing is working out much better than the French!
I have French class on Monday and Wed from 9am-12pm. It's hard and my accent is terrible. I guess I could be better if I practised and listened to tapes but who in their right mind wants to that??? I am not sure why I am torturing myself (or my classmates) for that matter.

Now, the skiing has been a lot of fun. Even I have surprised myself with how much pain my body can endure! The past two Sundays Lars and I have gone skiing with another couple at Villars and then in Chamonix .

In the beginning of January I started skiing with the ski group at the women's club. Every Tuesday myself and a group of other girls go skiing at Les Contamines, France . This past Tuesday I was able to do an easy Red with only falling down once. I can actually say that even though I am so tired and my entire body hurts, I cannot wait to go again this weekend. Those new fancy ski boots that I purchased have been well worth it. My goal is to be as good as my hubby. Fat chance of that happening though. The man hasn't been on skis in 15 years. He gets on the slopes and you would think that he has been skiing every day of his life. UGH!!

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