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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back in Geneva

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Just got back from a fantastic Christmas vacation with the hubby. We went to Pittsburgh to spend time with my family (and got to visit a few friends as well) and then went to the Bahamas to celebrate New Years.

See, I have this thing with celebrating the coming of the New Year with my feet in the ocean. I have almost made it a tradition. When I first started dating my husband, he had this grand idea of going to the Cayman Islands for New Year's. Really? I said.....who actually goes to the Caribbean for New Years? It seemed quite frivolous to me but what the heck - I went along with it. Now he is in deep trouble because my feet need to be in the ocean when the clock strikes 12...every year!! (Last year doesn't count because we got married in January....).

We stayed at a resort near the Atlantis and had full access to their facilities. The place was packed with people and you couldn't get away from all the obnoxious self absorbed tourists in their baseball hats and college t-shirts. The Atlantis in and of itself was addictive. So much to do in one place. We were literally sucked into all of the activities, water slides, spa treatments. Like zombies we were, walking around.......oh.....water slide.......oh......lazy river.......oh casino and slot machines............ We were a bit disappointed in ourselves because we barely explored the island while we were there. We did go to Nassau for the day to look at the shops but it was just dirty. We also did go swim with the dolphins at the blue lagoon (very fun!) and went to another island during the day to swim in the ocean.

We had a great time and we are already thinking about where to go next year!

We got back to Geneva on Saturday morning, suffering from the worst case of jet lag. Sunday we spent recuperating and Monday it was back to the grind (for hubby that is!).

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