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Monday, November 19, 2007

Watch me!

My day -

Today I went to a watch shop to get a battery for a watch that stopped working. I asked for the new battery (in French!!) and the man told me to come back at 12pm and it would be ready. I was there at 12:03 and the doors were locked. It appeared that he had gone to lunch!!! Ohhhhhhhhh sometimes I hate the lunch break here. It seems unbelievable to me that people just lock up shop here. Anyway - there are no hours of operation on the door and no phone number. I have no receipt to prove that I left the watch there if I were to go home and come back another day. I didn't even know if he was going to come back for the remainder of the day. Sometimes they don't...

To calm my nerves, and to pass the time, I went to Manor (a dept store) to buy something. Went to the checkout line, the guy put my shirt in the bag, and then walked away. Someone else came to help me after I stood there for about a minute or so. Ugh!! It was not a good day.

THEN (being that the watch store was STILL closed at 1:45) I went to get 2 copies made of my mail box key (in French!!). For two little tiny keys it cost me 28 chf. which is about $24. Can you believe it???

Finally at 2pm the watch store opened back up. The little old guy was like OOPs forgot to tell you that I leave for lunch at 12pm. Nice, huh??

Ahhhhhhhhh - The Swiss.

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