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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good news!

L got some great news this past week and then more good news today.

His employer has decided to let him take the remainder of his vacations days instead of getting them paid out. This is good news because we now have 31 days of vacation to take. We are going to take a couple of long weekends this coming month to make a couple of 'local' trips. Spain and Italy are first on the list. THEN we are going on a safari!! We figured that we would go on safari for about 7 days and then L could start his new job early since he is such an eager beaver.

Now for even better news. It turns out that per Swiss law L cannot be on vacation (even though he is leaving) with one company and work for another. You know what that means?? He can't start his new job until June 1st which gives us 1 MONTH to vacation! Whohoo! Now we are supposed to get the puppy on May 18th but I think that I can push that back a week so that we will have 3 weeks off and 1 week to regroup before L starts that new job of his.

I have such planning to do!

Oh, we just came back from Budapest last night...very late last night as our sleazy jet flight was delayed almost two hours. We got to Geneva airport around 12am and the bus dropped us all off at the wrong place. We have to wait a good 20 minutes for them to open up our side of the airport so that we could enter! Unbelievable.
Anyway, we had a great trip. Budapest was so interesting, I highly recommend it. Will post more on the trip with some pictures later.

Did I mention - when we arrived it was SNOWING. I never thought I would be happy to see snow but snow means ski which makes me happy. It has been snowing since we left for Budapest and should continue snowing this week. I am going to try to go skiing if the weather permits tomorrow or Thursday and definately L and I will be taking a weekend trip to the mountains to ski, ski, ski! I need to work off all of that Hungarian food! :O

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