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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is it August already??

Ugh! Where does the time go?? I am getting older by the second! Anyway, just to catch you up - I made a two week trip back to the states to visit my family in PA. My little sister just had her first baby and I needed to bond and of course go to the baptism. He is absolutely beautiful and evoked such emotion in me. It was a weird feeling - everytime I looked at him I felt like crying. He is just so precious.

Life in the states for two weeks was different. Before I used to be so happy with all of the choices, products, quanity of things, etc, etc but when I went back this time I just felt so overwhelmed by it all. I mean really, do you need to have a whole isle in the supermarket devoted to bread???? How much bread can one eat? I had to buy buns for my grandmother to take to her house for lunch and I just stood there for a few minutes staring at the different types of bread. It took me almost an hour to get 1 bag of groceries. Of course, I did enjoy paying for the groceries. Compared to Geneva everything was DIRT CHEAP. That part I do love!
I also noticed how frozen and processed everything was, not to mention that no one in my family recycles. Hmmmm....I think that I might of changed a bit in the year and 1/2 that I have lived in Geneva!!

Oh well, I did have a great time and I did get to spend two nights in NYC visiting friends, so all and all it was a good trip.

I cannot believe that the summer is almost over.

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