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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Being back.....

in Geneva has been nice. The weather is too hot and muggy but it better than it being cold. Yesterday I took Callie with me to lunch with the girls and we made the mistake of sitting out in the sun. I thought that we were all going to melt right then and there. It is good to be back and back into the groove of things. Already we have plans for birthday outings, girls' night out, etc. August is going to be a busy month.
I am torn about moving to Lausanne. I want to go and explore another city as I find Geneva a bit dull BUT I have a life here and have made friends. Lausanne is only about an hour away from Geneva and I can always come back to go out, etc but it will be different and will still have to create a life for myself again. Oh well, I love a good challenge. We'll be busy once we move anyways. My parents have booked a trip to come visit us after we move, and I have a friend coming to visit for a week in November.
That's it for now! Off to the pool!!

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