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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Was wonderful, absolutely fabulous. I mean really, when is it not?? Of course it was sunny (17-20 degrees)with blue skies the whole time.

We stayed a day/night in Alicante. Visited my old haunts, wandering around having a déjà vu every where I went. We even made it up to the castle this time. Last time we tried to walk up it - in the middle of the day, in the summer, not knowing really where we were going. Not the best idea.

After Alicante (and a side trip to Altea) we drove to Valencia and spent two nights there. Valencia was incredible. A nice big city without the tourists. Really, you could walk for hours and not hear any English. It was refreshing. Valencia has a bunch of little areas in their downtown section and we got to enjoy almost all of them. We walked so much I thought that my feet were going to fall off. We made a visit to the Aquarium, which is Europe's largest. We had been wanting to go there for awhile so part of this trip was to visit the Aquarium. Weird, I know.

After Valencia we drove to Barcelona to spend a couple hours walking around before our flight home. Barcelona is huge and crowded, and there were tourists everywhere. I much preferred Valencia although we did have a good time wandering the streets of Barcelona, trying to stay away from La Rambla.

Now I am back in Geneva and the sun has finally come out -if but only for a moment. I miss Spain, the life, the people, the food. The incessant chatter, the liveliness of it all. I miss being able to converse with the people. Upon our return I had to stop at the tailor and it was a mumble jumble of mis-matched french mumblings. Oh well. Back to the 'grind'.

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