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Thursday, March 5, 2009


A few weeks ago I had blood work done for my 2nd trimester quad test.  About a week later my doctor called me and suggested that I have an amnio test done because I showed an elevated risk for DS.  I was surprised because I wasn't really expecting those types of results.  I figured that my numbers would be fine.  My figures were 1:280 and the doctor said that anything under 1:380 they suggested that I have the test done.

I wasn't really sure what to do, so I did make the appt.   The appt. was for the next week so it gave me a good week to think about the test and decide whether or not I wanted to do it.  The reason that I wouldn't want to do the test is that there is a risk of miscarriage.  Was it really worth the risk??  I turned and tossed at night not knowing what to do.  I then talked to people in my mum's group and also went to an amnio support group called baby center.  I highly recommend this support group if you are struggling on whether or not to have an anmio. Through a bit a research I found out that I could opt for a level II ultrasound.  This would check all of the baby's measurements and also see if all of the body parts were as they should be.  Now why wouldn't my doctor tell me about this test???

I called the doctor and told him that I wanted the Level II US before I decided to do the amnio. 
L took me to a specialist to have the US.  I was so nervous.  Everytime she went over a part of the baby's body I was holding my breath.  It turns out that she saw nothing wrong with the baby and based upon my results increased my results to 1:560.  We decided that based upon those findings we would NOT do the amnio.  I am at peace with our decision.

And by the way.......it's a BOY!!!

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Ms Mac said...

Congratulations on your baby boy! Boys are awesome. I know I'm a bit biased but...

(Could you please email me directly. msmacblog@gmail.com I just tried to email you but got bounced back.)