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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prenatal yoga

I must admit, I was a bit leery about the 9 15 start time for a prenatal class that I found in Gland. That means that I would have to leave around 8:30 or so to make it and not be rushed. Sad, isn't it when 9 15 seems early??! I am happy to announce that I did make it and I quite enjoyed it. There were two other girls taking the class due any day now - in fact one of them might have her baby - TODAY!! I find it fascinating that people do things up until their due date. I feel like I would hide in the house just waiting for "IT" to happen. I would be afraid to go outside for fear that I would have the baby. I guess by the time that your 9 month rolls around you really don't care much anyways - you just want it to happen and it doesn't matter where.
The class was good and it was in English. There was more talking than yoga and I felt like maybe I should be doing more but I actually felt a bit tired after the class. Interesting. It's funny b/c I am showing but not a lot (only in my 15th week (or is it the 16th week?? i can never keep track). Sometimes I feel like a fraud b/c I don't have this huge belly. I know it will come soon enough but I do want it now. I want to see that the baby is growing and feel it kick. Sometimes I get worried that nothing is happening...... I was never one to be patient.

Afterwards I met two friends for coffee. All in all it's been a pretty good day.

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