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Friday, October 3, 2008

I don't understand people.....

I had a rough week today. We are getting ready for a move to Lausanne (hence the title change on the blog) and I am a bit stressed out.

On Tuesday I went to Manor to get my pictures printed out for a photography class that I am taking. There is an older woman in front of me that has no idea how to work the machine. She simply hands her camera to one of the people working there and starts to get belligerent about how bad the service is, etc, etc. It instantly became obvious to me that this woman was a whack job. She starts ranting and raving, looks at me and says"I am going to be awhile, go get a cup of coffee". I simply said Non - and she cursed me with her eyes. When it is my turn to use the machine her photos begin to print and she literally shoves me aside and starts ranting at me in French. I do my best to ignore her as she continues to shove and push. Even after I move over to the side she is still shoving and pushing. Still, I continue to ignore her. As I am paying for my photos she begins to curse me out loud. Although, I didn't quite understand what she said. SOOooo if I don't understand the curse, it really isn't effective, right?? At this point I am flustered b/c this woman is screaming at me in the store.  As I am leaving I manage to drop my jacket. As a result some Tylenol fall out of the pocket. 

She begins yelling - DRUGS....DRUGS....

Yesterday I go to Aligro. My first time and boy was it stressful. Almost like being in the States with so many choices! I get home with a trunk full of goodies for our party this Saturday. I pick up the case of 6 bottles of wine and of course the handle breaks and the box falls shattering two of the bottles. UGH. Whatever. Flustered (again) I start loading up our elevator with the purchases and proceed to head to our apartment. Instead of the elevator going up it heads down to the basement. A woman gets in (or at least attempts to) and looks at all of my stuff. I made no apologies for all of the items. She looks at me and says in French something to the effect of - Don't you like to be organized??? I said Non. She said - really??? You don't like to be organized. And I repeated again in French - Nope, I don't like it one bit and that is just the way it is.

What I really wanted to say is "don't fu** with me you lazy a** piece of sh** taking the elevator up one flight of stairs. You should of walked. And you have no business questioning my organizational skills just because I have a lot of stuff to take up to my apartment. That is what elevators are for so go to he**".

Unfortunately (or Fortunately for her) my French language skills are not that good.

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